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I am travel writer, blogger and podcaster for FunkTravels. Since living in Turkey, I have become a part time language learner as well. Before our 2016 move, I was a university study abroad coordinator in Iowa. Before that I lived in Turkey and Afghanistan for a combined 4 years total. I am married almost 3 years to the most patient and loving husband who I met the first time I lived in Turkey 9 years ago? (hence living in Iowa where he is from and hence the reason we moved back here). Other fun facts, I am a Louisiana born and raised, believer, big time dreamer but a sometimes doer, unsuccessful multi-tasker, runner, and huge travel lover.



With a background in computer engineering, he owns a software consulting company called Tough Space. He would NEVER ever tell you this, but since I run the most of the writing here then I get to brag on him! He is good at what he does, and even better, he enjoys it. His work is his hobby, and his hobby is his work. Point being his newest project, ForeignNumbers. Our international move and our expat lifestyle in Turkey this last year would not be possible without his hard work of creating a job that is flexible and allows remote work. God has been good to bless these plans! We are a team. I clean/laundry, and he cooks. He edits our bi-weekly podcast(cause he is fast), and I run our website/social stuff. He cheers me on or slows me down when I come to him with too many ideas and dreams.



We are the Funks! Currently, we live in Izmir, Turkey.

Iowan boy met Louisiana gal when they lived in Turkey, the first time 9 years ago. But no love at first sight for us. We stayed friends until almost 5 years later. Dated for a year, engaged for 5 months, and now married for almost 3 years! This past September, we made the move back to Turkey, for the second time, together as husband and wife. Our hearts desired something different then the ‘American Dream.’  It may not always be the case that we are allowed the honor to live this way and it isn’t always easy (we left 7, yes SEVEN, adorable nieces and nephews in the states). BUT we are thankful for the time we have now and these memories we are making with new friends!

So, basically, we are just living the expat life, learning the language and exploring all Izmir has to offer! Oh and we host a bi-weekly podcast where we encourage other to intentional dream about internationally living as we share our journey about what that looks like for us!  I, Catie, write here to share with friends and family our ‘normal’ lives, glimpses of daily lovelies, Izmir specific events and roadie ramblings about our adventures as we are making this transition to life in Turkey.

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