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GOING HOME SERIES: 6 practical ways to destress your next expat visit ‘home’

Only 3 days into our travels to the states, stress, and anxiousness were starting to creep into my mind. Our first travels back to states after living in Turkey for a year was combined with our 1 month travels through SE Asia. While I thought it was a good idea, I was starting to see […]

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GOING HOME SERIES: 8 ways you can bless your returning expats

Going ‘home’ after a year of living in another country and culture is not always easy. My single, extroverted, newly college grad self that moved to Turkey the first time would thrive on going ‘home’ and would love to visit friends and eat the southern foods I missed so much! While I was thriving off […]

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Expat Life vs. Full-Time Travel: Why we decided to become full-time expats

Let’s start off with how much we all LOVE travel websites! The amazing  photos, the adventurous spirits, new cultures, food, and scenery. Full time traveling SEEMS like it really has everything going for it. In fact, as my husband and I were planning our move from the States to Turkey, I was convinced we could […]

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EXPAT LIVING: 5 steps to help you when the unexpected happened

Most people hate adulting. However, I kinda like the challenge of it. I enjoy being independent, making decision, moving to another country, traveling…. My husband and I like coming together to figure out what dreams we want to pursue and how we can make those dreams happen together (even though it’s not always easy!). It […]