Catie FunkTravels Turkey Saklı Göl Evleri

2018 Goals


2018 GOALS coming soon!




  • continue to eat well and exercise – (definitely off and on!)
    • Catie will plan a half marathon for later this year! (Nope but I did get my running back up! And Jason is running too…)
  • continue learning Turkish (in progress)
  • continue on with our 2nd year of FunkTravels podcast (pst… check it out here)
  • continue to make our apartment more of a home
    • finish entryway
    • create a workspace for me
    • guest bedroom
  • go camping in Turkey (glamping counts right?)
  • visit a Greek Island off the coast of Turkey(Cyprus!)
  • visit family in the states (July/August!)
  • travel to Cappadocia (January)
  • travel to Adana to visit friends
  • travel to Iceland and western Europe (maybe U.K., Netherlands…) Decided to make to to SouthEast Asia instead this year!



  • write more for our website (in progress)
  • find a mentor
  • make a few more photo books (working on 1!)


  • continue working with his business Tough Space (and doing a great job!)
  • attend one professional development conference for work (didn’t happen)
  • make time for created his side projectsForeignNumbers (It’s live!)